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There are times when the Rocky Knoll Foundation is approached by families and friends of residents who have an idea for an enhancement. Other times, the administrator or staff of Rocky Knoll notice a trend in the senior care industry or have an innovative concept for resident care. Ideas come from a variety of sources, and require the Foundation to assist in making them happen.

Here is a sampling of just some of our accomplishments to date:

Life Enrichment Through Music

A program funded through the national Well-Tuned music grant and matching funds from the Rocky Knoll Foundation is aiding the Life Enrichment department by providing music through iPods and iTunes downloads. Staff use these resources to develop age appropriate, individual playlists for long-term care residents selected to take part in a research program.

The combination of the grant and Foundation funding is a great example of how collaboration enhances the lives of Rocky Knoll residents each day. The program included 50 iPod Shuffles, 50 adapters 60 headphones, and iTunes gift cards.

The Rocky Knoll staff continually looks at all new technology and how it can make an impact in the lives of residents. If you have an iPod, tablet, kindle, etc. or would like to make a financial donation to the music program, call Rocky Knoll’s Life Enrichment Director, Deb Jacoby, at 920-449-1240.

Learn more about the Well-Tuned music grant.

The Bistro

The Bistro is an informal outdoor grill area where residents and their family and friends can enjoy a meal, snack, or picnic. The location is near the fire pit area. The area is able to accommodate groups of varying sizes with the option to go indoors should the weather change. The location is in the front of the main part of the health care center, so it’s a focal point which makes it a natural draw for residents to enjoy watching all the comings and goings. The Bistro includes a built in grill area, seating and tables.

We welcome your financial support and encourage you to join us for events.


The exterior fire pit, stone patio area and decorative benches make it possible for residents and their family and friends to enjoy the outdoors by sharing stories around a bonfire while toasting marshmallows, roasting hot dogs, and enjoying other refreshments. Relatives of some of the residents of Rocky Knoll came up with the concept and raised funding for the project. Those same relatives also donated time to make the fire pit area a reality. The Foundation was helpful as the entity to coordinate the receipt of funds and oversee necessary disbursements. Through a memorial donation in memory of Elizabeth Wilde, the Foundation fulfilled the wish of her family and purchased the outdoor speaker system for the fire pit area and the future Bistro.

Veterans Wall of Honor

Inside the Health Care Center, the Foundation created the “Veterans Wall of Honor” to pay tribute to those who have served our country. Outside, centrally located on our grounds, Veterans Memorial poles and flags have been installed. Each year on Veterans Day, we hold a program to induct new Rocky Knoll residents onto the Wall of Honor. The annual program typically features remarks from dignitaries, musical entertainment, an invocation, and rifle salute. It’s a privilege to honor those who have served our country in this special way and recognize them permanently on the Wall of Honor.

“It’s wonderful that Rocky Knoll has taken such a big wall to show how much Veterans are appreciated.”- Rocky Knoll resident and veteran William Punzenberger


One of the most popular areas within Rocky Knoll is the “On the Rocks” lounge where residents and their guests can socialize with snacks and cocktails. Décor and signage that enhances the bar service area was purchased from donations to the Foundation. The barkeep is on duty during designated times and guests order their favorite refreshments just like they did at their favorite bar. The jukebox was purchased by an outside community group and is another example of how the Foundation works with other organizations to enhance the projects they coordinate.

Satellite TV

Through donations to the Foundation we added Channel 2 and a DVD playback system to the complimentary in-room satellite TV service. The DVD playback system allows the showing of new and old movies, community church services, and any special request movies.

Memory Boxes

Outside the door of each resident room, you’ll find a memory box. These allow residents to display photos, mementos, and items that have special meaning. The memory boxes serve as a reminder for the residents of special times, and have become conversation starters for visitors. Generous donations to the Foundation made the memory boxes possible.

Wii ® System

Residents have been enjoying the interactive, fun technology of a Wii system through a donation to the Foundation for this specific purchase. We’ve started bowling tournaments that have quite a following. And, the dance sessions are always fun.

Slot Machines

Even residents make requests to the Foundation; like the two additional slot machines which were purchased for their enjoyment.

Christmas Time

The Foundation funds ongoing projects that warm the heart and enrich life for residents. We all know the feeling of expectation and excitement when a brightly wrapped gift is given to us. We recreate those same feelings for each of our residents by assuring everyone staying at Rocky Knoll during the Christmas holiday is presented with a gift.



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